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What can I do if my account was not
approved and should have been?
If you feel your account was not approved in error please reach out to us at with some examples of the emails you want to send through Teory Group. We are happy to take a second look to make sure we make the right decision.

Problems with verifying business details
If you’ve received confirmation that you’ve proven your identity, but you’re still having trouble verifying your business, it could be because:

The submitted document is not in an acceptable format: To resolve this issue, you will need to submit a document that is included in the list of supporting documents in this article on how to verify your business by uploading official documents.

Submissions are incomplete: Mere written documents will not be accepted, even formal legal documents. Auto-fill documents created by businesses are not acceptable unless they have an official signature or seal. You must upload a certified registration certificate with your signature and/or official stamp.

Document expired: Check the expiration date of the document. If your document has expired, renew it and upload a new document with the current effective date.

Document does not contain legal business name: The document you submitted does not contain your legal business name. To resolve this issue, submit documents with your business legal name exactly as it appears in your business settings.

Document does not contain a business address, contains only a partial address, or does not match the business address: Documents must include full business address information. Upload a new document that includes both the legal name and address of your business.

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